Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh!: Anzu Mazaki/Téa Gardner

In celebration of Anzu Mazaki’s birthday on August 18th, 2018, I’m happy to present the first female entry into the Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh! series of articles. Anzu Mazaki is also known as Téa Gardner in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters English dub.

Sun Sign & Personality

Anzu Mazaki — (August 18th) Leo — To those that know astrology even very generally, Anzu is an obvious Leo: a born performer, who doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. 

Leos are creative, generous, warm-hearted, enthusiastic, broad-minded, faithful, and loving. We see all of these traits expressed in Anzu in her various incarnations in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and manga: in the anime (both Toei and the Duel Monsters series), she is devoted to becoming a dancer, and willingly performs. She cares a great deal about her friends, even when they seem to run headlong into trouble. She is willing to consider unusual circumstances and explanations from characters like Ryou Bakura, Mokuba Kaiba, and even Pegasus himself! Her attitude as a faithful and loving friend is no doubt one reason why Yuugi developed a crush on her in the early part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series.

On the flip side, Leos can also be a bit patronizing, bossy, or, as Kaiba might put it, “overdramatic.” We see this when Anzu opts to take charge when everyone gets lost in Noa’s virtual world in the Duel Monsters filler arc during Battle City. Despite her neighborly, caring attitude, once Anzu has decided something, she’s pretty intolerant of other perspectives and attitudes, and is perfectly willing to give those people (be they Mai, Kaiba, or anyone else) an earful.

As a Leo approaching the tail end of the sign of the Lion, Anzu’s decan (the 25th degree, or the third decan of the sign) is that of Aries, ruled by the constellation Corvus (the raven). This means that in addition to the fiery, social personality she gets from being a Leo, she gets an extra oomph from the classical fire sign ruled by Mars. This combination means that Anzu is especially ambitious, and is willing to step up and lead if need be. While normally they type of person who thrives on connections with others, if she believes they will hold her back from seeking the position she desires, Anzu might very well sacrifice her relationship with them (or the benefits she gets out of such a relationship) to move forward. People with Aries decans in Leo are frank (others might say “blunt”) and honest, but act with a true heart of gold and the best of intentions. Optimism can carry Anzu through even the toughest of times, which might be a contributing factor to the perception of her in fandom as a “friendship cheerleader,” when she actually gave fewer “friendship speeches” than Yuugi!


Without knowing Anzu’s birth time, there’s no way to know what her ascendant (also called the rising sign) is. However, we can guess based on personality traits. The times below are based off GMT, rather than Tokyo (which is GMT+9) Some of the possibilities include:

  • Libra (social, diplomatic, graceful) approx. 8am – 10am
  • Sagittarius (goal-oriented, optimistic, long-term planner) approx. 12pm – 2pm
  •  Aquarius (independent, creative, humanitarian) approx. 2pm – 4pm
  •  Taurus (steadfast, loyal, stable) approx. 10pm – 12am
  • Cancer (motherly, sensitive, moody) approx. 2am – 4am 

Anzu's Drive & Ambition (Position of Mars)

When Anzu was born, Mars was in Libra, the sign of Balance. This contributes to her artistic temperament and the care she puts into her appearance (note how coordinated her non-school uniform outfits are). She generally aims to please others, but not because she is any sort of pushover, but rather, because she has an innate understanding of others’ motivations. She has a strong sense of fairness, equality, and justice, and these act as self-motivators. She can be very persuasive in an argument, but she does so not by appealing to emotion (which would be the obvious route for someone as passionate as her), but logic and reason. Still, she can go overboard (the overdramatic tendency of a Leo with an Aries decan shows up here) with her enthusiasm and expectation that others will be just as willing to find a “happy middle ground” as she is. She puts lots of energy into all of her relationships, and this overall diplomatic attitude is what makes her good as a peacekeeper or diplomat: she can objectively give advice on scenarios she’s not personally involved in, and can help “reposition people” to help the greater cause (or their own talents).

Anzu's Luck Magnetism (Position of Jupiter)

Jupiter was in the sign of Virgo during Anzu’s birthday, which means that it’s not magic that makes Anzu “lucky,” it’s her careful attention to practical matters. She cares a great deal about others and their well-being, and that combined with her problem-solving skills and contagious enthusiasm make her a person you would want to have around. Others might think she makes tasks “look easy,” but really, those people don’t see all the efforts Anzu has put forth. For example, when Anzu successfully graduates from high school and moves to the United States to pursue her dream of dance in New York (as seen in the Dark Side of Dimensions movie, which is based off the manga continuity), it’s not because she simply “got lucky” with her college applications, but because she practiced often and saved up for an international education by working a variety of unfortunate part-time jobs (Burger World, Kaiba Land…). Anzu’s motto could very well be the same as that of the Boy Scouts: “Be prepared.” She believes that diligent work pays off, but that also means that if she can’t trust someone else to do the necessary work to get something done, she will take it on herself, even if she’s already overloaded. When she trusts someone else to do work, it’s because she is putting care and faith in them to do it as well —or better!— than she would.

Anzu's Love Potential (Position of Venus)

The phrase “home is where the heart is” could not be more accurate for Anzu. She is welcoming, neighborly, and would be the sort of person to enjoy hosting parties and inviting friends over for social events, whether they’re game nights, movies, slumber parties, or all of the above. In some ways, she might be attracted to people who have characteristics similar to that of her parents. The only thing we know about Anzu’s parents in the series are that they don’t approve of Anzu’s desire to become a dancer, but we don’t know why. Running off that one characteristic alone, we can see how Anzu might be attracted to people who embody “what she’s not supposed to want,” or people who are otherwise “bad” or “unavailable.” This is easily seen with Yami no Yuugi/Atem, as she recognizes him as a different side of Yuugi even before the events of Duelist Kingdom in the manga, but could easily be construed to any number of other relationships: someone older (Pegasus, Keith, Isis), someone younger (Shizuka, Mokuba, Rebecca), someone either in an apparent relationship or clearly interested in someone else (Jounouchi, Honda, Mai), or someone who appears disinterested in relationships altogether, because they have other priorities (Atem, Kaiba, Ryuuji). 

Anzu has a strong love of family, despite her own not supporting her dream, and would want to build a relationship with someone based on what’s comfortable —this is where the idea of Anzu hooking up with a character she went to school with comes into play. It would be a lot easier for her to transition from classmates or friends to something more than it might be for others.

She would be a dedicated partner, and would pair well with a similarly sensitive and devoted Taurus, Scorpio (Kaiba, Mai), or Pisces (Atem, Ryouta Kajiki, Ryuuji Otogi). Someone with equally high ideals, like a Sagittarius or a Libra (Pegasus) could also make a good match. Regardless of her partner’s Sun Sign, Anzu would need someone who is not “boring” or complacent; she would want excitement, adventure, and recreation, and a homebody wouldn’t suit her personality or desires at all.

Blood Type

Anzu’s Blood Type is O.

From Bella Online: Type O’s are outgoing, and very social. They are initiators, although they don’t always finish what they start. Creative and popular, they love to be the center of attention and appear very self confident.

Anzu definitely fits the mold of a Type O personality; she is outgoing and has friends outside of Yuugi, Jounouchi, and Honda; she is creative with her dance and fashion sense; she comes across as confident and dreams of being the center of attention in a Broadway musical one day.

Type O personalities are most compatible with other Type Os and those with the blood type AB.

  • O characters: Mai Kujaku, Mokuba Kaiba, Sugoroku Mutou, Shimon Muran, Mahad, Isis/Isis Ishtar, Shada, 
  • AB characters: Ryou Bakura/Thief King Bakura

Mystical Card

Anzu’s Mystical Card is the Eight of Clubs, the card of focus, ambition, and achievement. These traits all fit with Anzu’s other characteristics, such as her Leo Sun Sign and Aries decan, as well as several of her possible Ascendants and the positions of Mars and Jupiter in her chart. This card indicates Anzu is good at overcoming obstacles, which might explain why her “bar” is always so high (in comparison to others); rather than rest on her laurels, Anzu is the sort to achieve one goal, readjust her ambitions, and set her sights on an even-higher goal. This card also indicates stubbornness when others don’t agree with Anzu’s inner vision. Anzu also doesn’t forget things easily; this could mean she “knows a guy” for any given situation, or that she doesn’t readily “forgive and forget” those who have disagreed or otherwise slighted her/her friends.

The Tarot equivalent of this card is the Eight of Wands (or Rods), known as the card of swiftness, messages, air travel, and overall positivity: again, traits we can easily associate with Anzu (who is swift to get herself and Honda onto the boat that will take Yuugi and Jounouchi to Duelist Kingdom; who is willing to give/receive messages that ultimately help lift the spirits of Yuugi and her other friends; who travels to the U.S. to pursue her dream of dance; who is the most positive character throughout the majority of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, even when “the chips are down”).

Chinese Zodiac

Head to Yuugi’s entry to read more about the Chinese Zodiac and the main cast of Yu-Gi-Oh!


If you check out the Colorstrology website, you can see what birthdays (note: years have no effect) are associated with which Pantone color. August 18th is associated with 18-1248, also known as “Rust.” The given hexadecimal match is #B0583A, which looks like this:



Colorstrology has this to say about Anzu’s birth date: Many people born on this day aspire to great heights and often achieve an enormous amount of wealth and prosperity. Although you value your privacy, being in the limelight may come naturally to you. Creativity is vital to your well-being. Discipline and trust need to be constantly aligned to assure self-confidence.

Note about Colorstrology: these aren’t the colors that might be her favorite, or even that look good on her. But taking advantage of her “personal color” will help Anzu, as it would any other individual with his or her personal color, take better care of him or herself (in whatever way suits him or her best; for Anzu, this is by encouraging strength and foresight, promoting trust and clarity, and eliminating suspicion).