Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ryuuji Otogi

Note: I don’t have my “Birthday Signs Through Time” book on me in my current location, nor do I have the software for generating a natal chart, but the idea of playing cards being connected to birthdays is available at a number of places online. I substituted my usual interpretations with those from¬†here. I had also used this resource for the movement of the planets through the signs, so I’ve used an older edition of Parker’s Astrology (1994) for that. However, as a result, these sections on the planets tend to stray a bit beyond their designated territories of Love, Motivation and Drive, and Luck.

Finally, I’ve added a new section to Ryuuji’s article which I may eventually add to the other articles: a Colorstrology section, which combines an interpretation of the birthday with a Pantone color swatch. This information comes from¬†

Sun Sign & Personality

According to the information we’ve previously established, Ryuuji Otogi was born on February 28th, 1981, and is, therefore, a Pisces. Pisces was¬†9 degrees into Pisces¬†(meaning his decan was also Pisces), so it wasn’t going to transition out of the sign until mid-March. As mentioned in Jounouchi’s article, the first 10 degrees of a sign relate to the physical side or the body. The first 5 of those degrees relate more on beginnings, while the last 5 (like our Ryuuji) are focused more endings and tangible, physical things. Like Jounouchi does with Aquarius and Seto Kaiba does with Scorpio, Ryuuji gets a double-dose of Pisces, what with it being the sign of his decan as well as his Sun sign. However, it’s just starting to transition into a decan of Cancer, another highly emotive sign.

Pisceans are imaginative and sensitive, but also secretive and vague. They can also be weak-willed and easily led, as well as overly escapist and idealistic. However, they are also intuitive and sympathetic to others, as well as selfless and unworldly.

Some interesting Piscean tidbits from my Parker’s Astrology that I found particularly interesting:

  • “[They] always know someone who can do things better than them.”

    • Ryuuji knows Yuugi is the better duelist, Seto Kaiba is the better businessman, and Pegasus is the better game creator. He knows all this from firsthand personal experience– not just hearsay and self-deprecation.

  • “Any interest which fires the imagination positively should be encouraged and praised from an early age.”

    • Do you think Ryuuji was such a good gamer because it was a latent talent of his, or because his father didn’t let him be any other way? Did Ryuuji perhaps stifle what may have become a DIFFERENT lifelong passion, something outside the realm of games or Dungeon Dice Monsters? How would this work for the anime-verse Ryuuji, who blames Yuugi for Pegasus’ “retirement,” and accuses Yuugi of cheating in his duel against Pegasus– in other words, an overbearing father has nothing to do with his grudge against Yuugi? Could that Ryuuji still fit this “profile?”

  • “They are admirably suited to work in the caring professions.”

    • What could you see Ryuuji doing if not working on his games? How far could you stretch the definition of “caring” where it still might fit the personality of the guy we know and recognize from “Yu-Gi-Oh!”?

The three planets that move the slowest through the signs are Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, which is why our previous analyses have featured them in the form of Love, Motivation and Drive, and Luck.


Ryuuji Otogi's Love Potential (Position of Venus)

Let’s start with Venus, which was in Aquarius (about 29 degrees) at the time of Ryuuji’s birth. Those born with Venus in Aquarius are friendly and outgoing, but there’s a lack of close personal relationships due to a fear that they will cause him to lose his freedom. This is probably best expressed when you consider that, up until Yuugi and Ryuuji dueled, Ryuuji’s life was more or less run by his father, and he was “molded” to get revenge against Yuugi/Sugoroku. Until that matter was resolved, he had no time (or the right frame of mind, for that matter) to consider a close relationship with anyone, be it a friend or a possible lover. Whatever freedom Ryuuji had, he probably cherished and used it to develop his own ideas, hobbies, and dreams– not think about romance or sex.

Ryuuji’s the sort who would attract friends and associates that are exciting, different, and sometimes a bit odd. Obviously, we’ve got a full complement of characters that fit each, some, or all of these traits– and you can probably decide for yourself who’s who in that respect. Ryuuji’s popular with others (note the cheerleaders) and he enjoys working within a group toward a group goal (which is why he fit in so well once he finally DID join up with the gang on the side of “good”).

In regards to a possible romance, Ryuuji might get into a conflict with a potential love interest because he’s unwilling to make the necessary sacrifices involved with being in a serious relationship. Sometimes he might want a relationship more than he does the partner.

In order to be attractive and enjoy life, Pisces with Venus in Aquarius tend to be good with money– that is, they don’t gamble it away or forget where they spent it. That doesn’t mean they always make “wise” purchases, though! But for the most part, Ryuuji’s definitely a good planner, able to plan his “revenge” against Yuugi/Sugoroku and still thoroughly plan his own game on the side; he certainly didn’t HAVE to, what with Duel Monsters as the crux of both “revenge” plans, whether you read the manga or watch the anime. But he’d be the type to spend more on glitzy clothes and items for the home. Can’t you just see Ryuuji with a “stylin’ pad,” complete with tasteful, modern decor (and probably a bizarre throw rug just for shits and giggles)?

Ryuuji’s pretty good at controlling his emotions, and he’s able to distance himself from his feelings pretty well. This means he can rely on intuition (I wouldn’t go so far to call it “The Heart of the Cards,” though), but he’ll also have practical common sense. Ryuuji’s attractive to others in that he’s got originality and “sparkle.” He can be incredibly kind and charitable, but the result is a great personal sacrifice: see the manga arc when he first appeared. He basically gave up any dreams he may have had on his own, any desires to fulfill his father’s wish of getting revenge against Sugoroku. He was more or less “doing a favor” to his father, even though he technically had no real obligation to do so (outside of being his father’s son).

Ryuuji’s got the potential to be an excellent friend, but a bit forgetful, too. He’d probably be better off as a business partner than a solo entrepreneur, because his desire for glamour could make him a lousy financial planner, even if he’s got the business savvy to run his own store or invent his own game.

Ryuuji Otogi's Drive & Ambition (Position of Mars)

The planet behind Motivation and Drive is Mars. At the time of Ryuuji’s birth, Mars was about halfway through Pisces. Mars is already a really emotional planet, and with Mars in Pisces, that level of emotion gets REALLY amped up! So, even if, relationship-wise (and as a Pisces in general), Ryuuji’s able to control his emotions, the place where his motivation and drive stem from are strong, powerful emotions. In order for those emotions to not overtake Ryuuji, he’s got to have a focus for them– a reason to be motivated. For a long time, this is probably his desire to please his father and get the revenge that he wants. Or, to look at it from the anime standpoint, it’s to avenge Pegasus to make his dream come true. He sees them as inexorably connected, not two separate issues.

Going back to romance, with Mars in Pisces, Ryuuji would definitely be a very sensual, imaginative lover. Once someone gets his attention, he’s not straying anywhere or looking for a quickie. However, conflict can arise, as mentioned before, because of Ryuuji’s desire for glamour, glitz, and a picture-perfect relationship more than the work and self-sacrifice it would inevitably involve. That’s not to say that he would be selfish all the time– in fact, he¬†would¬†be self-sacrificing for a lover or for a career where he could help others. The problem would be balancing them out– he’d be more likely to throw himself into one or the other, letting the other fall into neglect. The problem is that Ryuuji would be unwilling to own up to how complex and messed-up life can get, and he’d be indecisive and unwilling to own up to reality. In other words, should he let a relationship with a lover fall into neglect, he might convince himself that everything’s fine until it’s too late and the person has walked out on him.

Also, maybe he’s allergic to shellfish? (I know this is weird, but this is what my astrology book says.)

Ryuuji Otogi's Luck Magnetism (Position of Jupiter)

Jupiter, the planet of Luck, is in the first part of Libra. People with Jupiter in Libra are kind, sympathetic, and charming– hospitable and, as previously mentioned, very charitable. Because of Ryuuji’s innate sociability, he might be seen as a very lucky person, because that great attitude gets him everywhere in life! But his motto in life (especially after his first appearance in either the anime or the manga) is very laid back and accepting. Why worry about revenge, destiny, etc. when things are finally going right?

Ryuuji’s a smart guy, but he’s probably not the type to go out of his way to play Sudoku or see if his IQ’s as high as Kaiba’s. Again, it’s not that he’s lazy, but that he has his preferred ways of spending his time and, when he opts to expend his energy, focusing it on something in particular, with a definite goal.


Now, onto ascendant. As previously mentioned, this is based purely on speculation. We can guess the ascendant based on which of the signs in the first house sounds most like Ryuuji.

Possible ascendants (I thought):

  • Leo:¬†generous, warmhearted, forceful. Sense of control over most situations. An open, active individual who shows their emotions plainly.
  • Virgo:¬†systematic, practical, analytical. Neat and orderly, and good at avoiding boring situations.
  • Scorpio:¬†reserved, secretive, determined. Intense, magnetic, charismatic. Controlled emotions, determined to overcome just about any opponent.
  • Aquarius:¬†creative, independent, detached. Maybe just a bit eccentric, but still intelligent overall.

Blood Type

Now with Blood Type, Ryuuji Otogi’s blood type is B, like Jounouchi. For brevity’s sake, I’m going to copy and paste that same report here: According to¬†Bella Online’s¬†article on blood type as a mode of personality deduction and compatibility, it says:¬†Goal oriented and strong minded, type B’s will start a task and continue it until completed, and completed well. Type Bs are the individualists of the blood group categories and find their own way in life.

It sounds a great deal like what was already established by his Piscean personality, don’t you think?

Furthermore, Type Bs are supposed to be compatible with other Bs and AB types: Yuugi (AB), Bakura (AB), Jounouchi (B), Ryouta Kajiki (B), and Malik Ishtar (B).

Mystical Card

Ryuuji’s Mystical Card is the 10 of Clubs. This is the card of good business success and good luck with money. The more Ryuuji travels, the more new friends (social contacts) or possible interests he’ll meet!

Chinese Zodiac

In Chinese Astrology, Ryuuji is a¬†Metal Rooster.¬†People born in the Year of the Rooster are deep thinkers, capable, and talented. They like to be busy and are devoted beyond their capabilities and are deeply disappointed if they fail. People born in the Rooster Year are often a bit eccentric, and often have a relationship with others. They always think they are right and usually are! They frequently are loners and though they give the outward impression of being adventurous, they are timid. Rooster people’s emotions like their fortunes swing very high to very low. They can be selfish and too outspoken, but are always interesting and can be extremely brave. They are most compatible with Ox, Snake, and Dragon.¬†Here’s another place¬†you can check for more details on the Metal Rooster.


If you check out¬†, you can see what birthdays (note: years have no effect) are associated with which Pantone color. February 28th is associated with 17-3612, also known as “Orchid Mist.” The closest hexadecimal match I could find online was¬†#90779a, which looks like this:



Colorstrology has this to say about Ryuuji’s birth date:¬†You are not afraid to work hard. You are born for the limelight and love to be in front of an audience¬†(ring a bell, anyone? Why would Ryuuji demand an audience for his duels with both Yuugi and Jounouchi unless it was more for his own perverse pleasure?).¬†You are warm and generous and once you commit yourself to someone or something, it can be difficult for you to change courses. Your tenacity and will often gets you where you want to go. Your personal color reminds you to take care of yourself.

Note about Colorstrology: these aren’t the colors that might be his favorite, or even that look good on him. But taking advantage of his “personal color” will help Ryuuji, as it would any other individual with his or her personal color, take better care of him or herself (in whatever way suits him or her best; for Ryuuji, this is self-care and relaxation).