Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ryou Bakura

Check out the introduction page for the possible birthdates of all major characters, as used in this feature, as well as definitions and explanations of common astrological terms (decan, ascendant, etc.)

If you haven’t yet read Yuugi and Kaiba‘s pages, they have information on:

  • The Year of the Monkey (Yuugi)
  • Metal Monkeys (Kaiba)
  • Which characters are which blood types (Yuugi)

Sun Sign & Personality

For the sake of this series, Ryou Bakura’s birthday is September 2nd, 1980, making him a Metal Monkey/Virgo. We’ll go into things like his decan and ascendant (etc.) a bit further on.

Of note is the fact that the planets do not always appear in the sky on the same day every year. This is why, despite there being books able to give you your chart/horoscope up to 2010 (and possibly beyond), many calculations had to go into making those horoscopes. As previously mentioned, I am basing all of these featured astrology insights on the idea that they were born in 1980/1981 (for the main cast). This changes whether they are a particular decan, what planets were in their houses, and whether or not they are on the cusp of a house or not.

The sign of Virgo ran from August 22nd at 11:41 pm GMT until September 22nd at 10:08 pm GMT, making Ryou Bakura a Virgo of the second decan (11th degree), ruled by Capricorn. This means that planning and strategy (and thereby, patience) play a great role in how Ryou Bakura accomplishes things. By experiencing difficult things and overcoming them, he can plan for the future with an organized mind. Bakura’s not the type of guy to make the same mistakes repeatedly.

As with Yuugi, since Bakura’s decan is in the second triplicity (11th degree), the focus is more on the mind and mentality. Because he is so close to the beginning of this decan, he is more focused on new pursuits, though he is still a thinker, logical and reasoned. It serves to reason that his darker half shares some of these aspects as well (just as the Pharaoh shares some of Yuugi’s), as it’s known that Dark Bakura doesn’t make a move without planning for every contingency first (the TRPG, for example).

Generally speaking, Virgoans can be a bit shy and modest and first, but they do eventually open up, given the right stimulus. They are very detail-oriented, as it is part of their nature to be logical/rational, organized, and meticulous. However, this can also mean they are overly critical of others or of themselves, and that they overanalyze situations to the point where others don’t see the fun or excitement in it anymore.

The worst end of this is seen when Bakura tries to go with his friends into “the world of Memory,” but the Scales reject him based on the impurity in his heart (because of the Spirit the Millennium Ring). Bakura dashes off, horribly upset, feeling unwanted and unworthy. This is a very Virgoan trait– to doubt oneself and wonder what others see in them.

The sign of Virgo rules over the nervous system, stomach, and intestines, which means nervousness and shyness (as well as more critical things related to the nervous system, like the involuntary actions of our organs, or the way we respond to stress), digestive problems, and so forth.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which also rules Gemini, so it’s no surprise that Yuugi and Bakura might share some traits, including associated places, colors, flora, and the like. Unique to Virgo is the association with domestic pets– something a lonely guy like Bakura would probably benefit greatly from. An animal like a cat or a dog depending on Bakura would give him a sense of purpose, the awareness of truly unconditional love, and something that would calm him down in times of upset.

Ryou Bakura's Love Potential (Position of Venus)


Venus was in Cancer during the time of Bakura’s birth, which means he’s very comfortable and happy in his own home. This could have a lot to do with his organized attitude or even his shyness; no place is quite like home in terms of what to expect, where to find things, and who is (or isn’t) there. Still, Bakura is the type to open up his home to anyone– I can see this happening more after the end of the Egypt arc when he doesn’t have to worry about the Spirit of the Millennium Ring turning visitors into game pieces, as he did in the Monster World manga arc.

This positioning also means Bakura might be attracted to people that remind him of his parents (or other family members); Bakura was “drawn” to Yuugi perhaps by the powers of the Millennium Ring, but perhaps also by Yuugi’s connection to his grandfather, also an archaeologist like Bakura’s father. Nothing is known of Bakura’s mother, but it is known that his younger sister Amane died in a car accident, yet he still writes to her. His interest in the occult stemmed from this, which means that Dark Bakura’s powerful Zombie decks are of Ryou’s own creation– not the Spirit’s (with the exception of Battle City, I believe). In love and romance, Bakura would likely be attracted to a person who could fit his ideal image and be with him “forever” – he’s not the type for a fling or a one-night stand. Once he makes a commitment to someone, he’s utterly devoted! Someone with sensitivity and equal devotion might be a Taurus (Honda is on the cusp of this sign, but he’s a declared Aries), Scorpio (Seto Kaiba, Mai Kujaku), or Pisces (Ryuuji Otogi).


Ryou Bakura's Drive & Ambition (Position of Mars)

With Mars in Scorpio, Bakura’s drive and ambitions are powered by his ability to take whatever life throws at him and doing the best he absolutely can with it. As mentioned before, his ability to “see the big picture” and learn from past experiences means nothing seems too daunting for him to at least TRY and plan out. Since he is so open to new experiences (he didn’t exactly whine about moving away from his parents, did he?), he is also the catalyst for change– for example, his attitude and Spirit within the Millennium Ring changed the course of Battle City, and had an especially big impact on Yuugi discovering his other half, back before Duelist Kingdom (or *in* Duelist Kingdom, if you go by the Duel Monsters anime). Likewise, this means Bakura can react in the extremes and misunderstand situations without giving people the chance to explain themselves; they can also react badly to the way he says or does things, without giving HIM the chance to explain.

Ryou Bakura's Luck Magnetism (Position of Jupiter)

Bakura has Jupiter in Virgo, like Kaiba. Because Bakura is practical and methodical in what he does -planning everything out to the best of his abilities- it is no surprise that his “luck” stems more from the hard work and attention he puts into things. He also cares deeply for his friends, and he lets that show in the work he does, and the things he says. The fine detail Bakura put into both Monster World and the TRPG are signs of this attitude of hard work– though not exactly paying off the way Bakura hoped.


As with all of the other characters, we don’t know their exact birth time and therefore, their ascendant (a very important aspect of one’s birth/natal chart), but we can guess based on the characteristics of each possible ascendant. Some that I found noteworthy for Bakura’s character (the times are for Tokyo, Japan on 9/2/80):

  • Taurus (reserved) 8:15 pm – 9:44 pm
  • Cancer (sensitive, timid) 11:45 pm – 2:04 am
  • Libra (even disposition, charming) 7:00 am – 9:24 am
  • Capricorn (serious, prudent, patient) 2:10 pm – 4:04 pm
  • Pisces (artsy, not very confident, indecisive) 5:40 pm – 6:54 pm

I couldn’t make up my mind about which one sounded the most “Bakura-esque” so if you have an idea for which one of these (or any of the other signs) is most likely Bakura’s ascendant, I’ll design a natal chart for him, the same way I did for Kaiba!

Blood Type

Bakura has Type AB blood.

Bella Online says that Type AB blood people are: …the split personalities of the blood groups. They can be both outgoing and shy, confident and timid. While responsible, too much responsibility will cause a problem. They are trustworthy and like to help others.

I think this fits particularly well for Bakura, just as it does for Yuugi. They are both Millennium Item holders and vessels for the Spirits of those Millennium Items, and as a result, they both have “a soul divided.” Their other halves seem to have radically different personalities from who they are in “real life,” but many people still have difficulty telling them apart! I wonder why that is…

Type AB people are compatible (not in the blood donor sense!) with people of every other blood group. To find out which characters are from which blood group, check out Yuugi’s post.

Chinese Zodiac

For further information on the Chinese zodiac for Bakura, check out Yuugi and Kaiba‘s entries in this Astrology, Blood Types, & Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

Mystical Card

Bakura’s Mystical Card is sitting in your deck of cards! It’s the Nine of Diamonds. Nines are usually associated with Fulfillment, and Diamonds (like the Pentacles/Discs suit in Tarot) are associated with money, finance, and material wealth. This means that Bakura has his ups and downs financially (and what with living alone in one of the most expensive cities in the world, it wouldn’t surprise me), but that his “divinely inspired” ideas can help bring him out of any rut. It also helps that he can “think big” based on his ability to plan ahead and learn from his previous experiences.