Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh!: Pegasus J. Crawford

Sun Sign & Personality

Pegasus is one of the few characters who have a birthdate and age stated in the Yu-Gi-Oh Character Guide (for the manga), “Gospel of Truth.” Considering the manga canon has Pegasus die at the end of Duelist Kingdom (though let’s be honest, here, people, you can’t die from your eye being ripped out, unless it was GOUGED out along with a good portion of your face), his age as stated in the manga is most likely reflective of his age when he died.

Keeping that, along with the ages and birthdates of the main cast in mind, for the purposes of this article, Pegasus’ birthday will be¬†October 8th, 1971, which makes him a¬†Libra.

1971 Libras have a strong love of beauty and an “aesthetic awareness” in almost everything they do; perhaps this explains not only Pegasus’ talent in art, but also his particular taste in wine, fashion, interior decorating, and even technology! Had Pegasus gone to a stereotypical American high school (plotbunny! You’re it!), he probably would have been the guy that everyone turned to for advice on “what’s hot.” Had he not invented Duel Monsters, do you think he might have pioneered, or another celebrity gossip site? Maybe a magazine like US Weekly?

1971 Libras are capable team players, which explains why you heard more about people defecting from KaibaCorp and joining up with Pegasus than the other way around. Pegasus is a great negotiator and knows how to get what he wants. He’s thrills in being around those who are influential, but can’t stand being smothered or dominated. Pegasus would get along best with Ariens (Honda), Geminis (Yuugi), Sagittarians, and Aquarians (Jounouchi).

The world of emotions and feelings isn’t one Pegasus is entirely comfortable with; likely it took him a while to “fall in love” with Cyndia and a bit longer to actually admit it and do anything about it. That probably explains why he regrets her death and is willing to do anything to get her back– he really didn’t spend enough time with her “as a man” or as a husband (depending on your canon) and lives in regret every single day. Pegasus can be pretty objective and logical, but the danger lies in walking away from people who have something emotionally vested in what they do– people like Kaiba and Yuugi, who only entered Duelist Kingdom for the sake of those that had been “lost,” like Mokuba and Sugoroku.

Where was Duelist Kingdom hosted? Probably somewhere in the South Pacific, perhaps? The South Pacific islands are ruled by Libra. Interestingly enough, Japan and upper Egypt are also ruled by Libra.

Pegasus' Love Potential (Position of Venus)

Pegasus has Venus in Libra, the same sign as his birth sign. Libra is the sign of the scales, or balance– a bit ironic, considering the Scales are one of the Millennium Items. But the Egyptian mythology behind the Scales (and thus the Item) had nothing to do with the creation of Libra in Astrology, so we’ll move on…

Pegasus sees the good qualities in others: Kaiba’s got brains, Yuugi’s got determination, Keith’s got courage (well, that’s one way of putting it), and so on. Thus, people love or respect Pegasus in a variety of different ways– even if they’d be grudgingly admitting it. People with Venus in Libra are naturally sociable and diplomatic, which ties back to what was previously mentioned about Pegasus loving the social world, being great team players, and being objective and (mostly) unemotional. Sometimes people with Venus in Libra put their own needs below the needs of the others in their life– for example, though Pegasus is the one who wants Cyndia back, maybe he thinks she is suffering or is being punished somehow, and wants to “save” her from that? Pegasus is attracted to people who share his refined, creative, social, and intellectual interests. Thus, people who are Geminis (Yuugi), Aquarians (Jounouchi), and Leos (Anzu, Keith) would fit the bill quite nicely.

Pegasus' Drive & Ambition (Position of Mars)

With Mars in Aquarius, freedom is one of Pegasus’ great motivators. Pegasus wants nothing more than the right to chart his own course, which is not that far off from Kaiba’s proclaimed desire to “make his own destiny!” Pegasus does this despite everyone else’s expectations of him (multibillionaire flamboyant inventor? why not?). He has the urge to invent and innovate, ask the big questions, find the truth that is “out there,” and he¬†plans big events and activities for large groups of people. Pegasus is happiest when he can apply his mind to an endeavor– it’s possible that after getting used to the Eye, he got a bit bored, because he could see everything that everyone was thinking, and probably didn’t face many intellectual challenges from live people anymore. Dueling Yuugi/Dark Yuugi was probably more fun than Pegasus would (or could) ever admit. Pegasus works well in a team (perhaps more as the boss, since he loves to be in charge and has so many ideas), but also well independently, which explains why he can transition from social butterfly to recluse so easily (in the anime).

Pegasus' Luck Magnetism (Position of Jupiter)

The lucky planet, Jupiter, was in its home sign of Sagittarius during Pegasus’ birth. That sort of means that the planet’s power is doubled– “luck” follows Pegasus wherever he goes. Pegasus was probably the kind of guy who went around having “hunches” and mysteriously being right about them. Was that before or after he got the Millennium Eye, do you think? Was it a “hunch” that led him to where he’d find Shaadii and get the Eye… or something else? (I don’t know if I’d call that lucky, though!)

Others probably sought Pegasus’ advice in an array of matters, seeing as he’s a visionary and has a good “sense of success.” By figuring out who is also on the road to success and allying with them, Pegasus helps strengthen himself. A great deal of Pegasus’ happiness and luck “comes from traveling,” according to the book “Your Birthday Sign Through Time.” He’s also optimistic (well, yeah, if you knew what was going to happen, you would be, too… knowing exactly how to handle it…), forthright (because HE KNOWS EVERYTHING YOU’RE THINKING), and others trust him implicitly… well, most others. He also “gets to the point,” (except when he’s convincing people to enter into a dark duel with him), is a good judge of character, and believes firmly in his own judgments and convictions.


Here are some possible ascendants for Pegasus, with descriptions adapted from Which one do you think is the most appropriate for Pegasus?

  • Taurus (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm):¬†The Ascendant rising in Taurus produces a personality which is stable, graceful and harmonious. The nature of Taurus is affectionate, steadfast and very loyal. Tauruses have very basic needs like good food, good sex, and a suitably luxurious place to live. This personality is passive and easygoing until pushed or encountered in a stressful mood. When finally provoked, Taurus is stubborn and rigid and can display an uncontrollable bull-like temper. A Taurus is like a bull in a china-shop.
  • Gemini (8:00 – 10:00 pm):¬†The Ascendant rising in Gemini produces a personality which is so witty and clever. Unfortunately, it’s also anxious, high-strung and diffusive. With this lively sign on the rise, Geminis need constant mental stimulation. This is because they cannot stand the thought of being bored, not even for a minute. Geminis want to keep themselves surrounded with people, activities, and exciting situations. They are happiest when they are very busy and fully engaged in a variety of activities.
  • Leo (12:00 am – 2:00 am):¬†Leo rising produces a personality that is generous, warmhearted, and forceful. Having this sign for an Ascendant gives people a royal connection and a sense of control over most situations. Leos are a very open and active person, showing a very happy face when things are going well. Integrity, courage, and dignity are their chief traits, and their extroverted disposition helps them gain popularity in your circle.
  • Libra (4:00 am – 6:00 am):¬†Libra rising produces a personality that is naturally diplomatic and sociable. Graciousness, compatibility, and sociability are obvious traits of this sign.The primary quality associated with Libra is a strong sense of fair play. Librans can see both sides of any issue, and there is always a demand in Libran nature that justice must¬†be served. A good number of the world’s most famous political leaders have Libra as their Ascendant.
  • Sagittarius (8:00 am -10:00 am):¬†Sagittarius rising produces a personality that is restless, outgoing, and very independent. This Ascendant is one that produces goal oriented individuals; people with a long-range outlook and philosophical attitude. Saggitarians are apt to have a positive and optimistic outlook. They feel matters will turn out okay, no matter how large the challenge may be.
  • Aquarius (12:00 pm – 2:00 pm):¬†Aquarius rising produces a personality that is creative, independent and detached. Often, an unusual personality which is different. Aquarians are intelligent and in many ways an eccentric. They have a good mind that is spontaneous, inventive, original, and unique. Yet they always seem to operate on intuition and impulse, instead of a set plan. Aquarians are friendly and can always make significant contributions to group activities. Even in a group, they remain personally independent and somehow resist yielding to, or becoming part of the establishment.

(Sources: ascendant descriptions, ascendant times)

Blood Type

Pegasus’ blood type is A, like Seto Kaiba, Honda, Insector Haga, and Espa Roba.¬†Bella Online¬†says:¬†While outwardly calm, they have such high standards (perfectionists) that they tend to be balls of nerves on the inside. Type As are the most artistic of the blood groups. They can be shy, are conscientious, trustworthy, and sensitive.

This description probably suits Pegasus a lot more than it suits Seto Kaiba; Pegasus is almost always the picture of self-assured calm, and of course, he has very high standards for himself. He’s probably a ball of nerves if only because he never expresses his emotions outwardly, and feels that the only one deserving of those emotions (Cyndia) wasn’t on earth long enough for him to express the full breadth of what he felt. Pegasus is certainly the most artistic of the other type A’s in Yu-Gi-Oh, but is probably not shy; conscientious, “trustworthy” depending on who you’re referring to, and sensitive can also apply to him.

Chinese Zodiac

A refreshing change from all the other characters we’ve covered so far, Pegasus is a Metal Pig in terms of his birthdate in Chinese Astrology. Metal Pigs have, as you might guess, tremendous strength and power. People can be in absolute awe of a Metal Pig’s energy and endurance– and you might think, “Pegasus, strong?” Sure, he doesn’t exactly look like Hulk Hogan, but consider how he survived the process of getting the Millennium Eye installed when NO ONE ELSE (in recent centuries, anyway) DID. Metal Pigs also put their all into everything they do, which is clear from Pegasus’ almost endless endeavors to bring Cyndia back.

Metal Pigs also love to win, which explains why Pegasus got a thrill from the idea of the champion of his tournament taking him on. There wasn’t any real need for it, and with his Millennium Eye, probably felt like it was impossible to be defeated. In a way, this is his ultimate weakness, and traces to a part of “semi-canon” mentioned in Yu-Gi-Oh! R. The enemy of that story, Tenma (“pegasus” in Japanese) thinks that Pegasus committed suicide after being defeated in Duelist Kingdom. While this is certainly a possibility, it’s never (to date, afaik) confirmed as fact.

Metal Pigs also seek to maintain a good reputation and work hard to maintain it. Note that Pegasus, despite his eye, his flamboyancy, and so forth, he always made sure people loved what he produced, and associated him with the enjoyment of the Duel Monsters game. He was no behind-the-scenes guy– he took credit for what he “created.” Metal Pigs are also said to be “cheerful and industrious,” which can explain a lot of Pegasus’ nature… Funny Bunny-loving and all that. Being encouraging (in his own twisted way) is also second nature.

Metal Pigs seek out fine things and comfortable living– it’s not just a matter of making it big to capture Kaiba’s attention and steal his technology after defeating him in a tournament, no way! It probably helps that Pegasus was most likely raised in a wealthy environment and he simply enjoyed it from his youth. Nonetheless, Metal Pigs tend to overindulge, which can explain the duel arena he built himself (just down the hall…).

For those that are close to him (and we know only three people do: Cyndia, Shadi, and Croquet), Pegasus is faithful and true. A shrink probably would have told Pegasus to move on after his wife’s unfortunate and untimely death, but Pegasus probably would have had said shrink committed!

Mystical Card

Pegasus’ Mystical Card is the Ace of Diamonds, the same card that Keith Howard (Bandit Keith) has! It’s pretty rare, considering that of all 365 (366) days of a year, this day’s Mystical Card is only repeated on 12 of them!

Aces embody independence, while Diamonds trace back to the Tarot suit of Pentacles or Disks, which represent finances, wealth, and money. Specifically, the Ace of Diamonds suits a person who is concerned about their reputation and the impressions they make on others (mentioned above). Pegasus enjoys new endeavors and making progress, but he can often get caught up in procrastination (Why else allow a children’s card game to stand in the way of getting KaibaCorp’s Solid Vision holo-technology so he could be “reunited” with Cyndia again?). Pegasus strives for financial success and determines his self-worth by that; popularity and status are what gives Pegasus the most happiness.