Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Pyramid of Light – Pegasus Deck Analysis

My Toon deck is very strong!

Deck Grade
Attack Grade: B
Defense Grade: B
Speed Grade: A
Combo Grade: B

Pegasus’ Deck is one that uses Toons for Direct Attacks. In the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime, we saw Pegasus’ deck concept: direct attacks that center on Toons, which in turn, reveals the deck’s weakness, as when Toon World is destroyed…

Deck List

  • Thousand-Eyes Heretic God (Thousand-Eyes Idol)
  • Toon Cannon Soldier x2
  • Sacrifice (Relinquished)
  • Toon Alligator
  • Toon Masked Sorcerer x2
  • Toon Goblin Strike/Assault Force x3 (Toon Goblin Attack Force)
  • Toon Demon (Toon Summoned Skull)
  • Toon Gemini Elf x3
  • Toon Dragon Egger x2 (Manga Ryu-Ran)
  • Toon Black Magician Girl (Toon Dark Magician Girl)
  • Toon Mermaid
  • Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
  • Manju God/Ten Thousand God (Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands)
  • Ritual of Illusions (Black Illusion Ritual)
  • Heavy Storm
  • Pillage (Snatch Steal)
  • Jar of Greed x2
  • Cost Down
  • Resurrection of the Dead (Monster Reborn)
  • Treasured Cards from Heaven (Card of Sanctity)
  • Toon Index x3 (Toon Table of Contents)
  • Toon World x2
  • Blood Compensation (Ultimate Offering)
  • Premature Burial
  • Fusion (Polymerization)
  • God’s Declaration/Pronouncement (Solemn Judgement)
  • Shine Castle (Shine Palace)
  • Fissure
  • Toon Defense 

Main Combo

Cost Down + Toon Demon (Toon Summoned Skull)

  • Toons that are also high-level Monsters can’t be played on the field without a Tribute, but they can be summoned without Tributes via the effect of Cost Down!

Secret Combo

Manju God (Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands) + Ritual of Illusions (Black Illusion Ritual)

  • The Manju God is included os as to conduct rituals smoothly; if played on the field, it can search for not only a Ritual Magic (Spell) Card, but also a Ritual Monster from your Deck.